Characteristics of Online Ethereum Casino

Characteristics of Online Ethereum Casino

Oraclize is a recognized member of the Ethereum Enterprise. Numerous online services processed through this enterprise are relying on Oraclize’s ability to retrieve data for its various purposes. Ethereum casino online operators will be relying on Oraclize for the purposes of putting its random number generator to good use. The object of the exercise for these casino operators is to ensure that every bet being handled in their systems is given fair treatment.

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This is so unlike other mainstream online gambling sites. All bets that come in need to be proved to be fair. All bets that enter the casino’s EtherSpin wheel will be verified before being given the go ahead. If any bets are non-verifiable they are summarily rejected, while all other bets can continue. EtherSpin uses Oraclize’s random number generator to ensure that all bets that are processed will be fair to all competitors.

Oraclize will primarily be used to retrieve all necessary data. Not even randomized bytes of data go unnoticed. The data collated is used with the best interests of all legitimate players in mind. Data collected will be used to authenticate its validity as a genuine bet. The methods used have been proven to be reliable and consistent, over and above being fair. Oraclize and EtherSpin use an algorithm known as SHA256 to process all data accurately.

This algorithm can also be used by all other users within the EtherSpin network. It can even be used by operators who are not part of Ethereum’s blockchain cycle or without any official contract to engage in Ethereum related activities, including gambling. The rule of thumb with the administrators is that if after the data has been analyzed and the information proves to be inauthentic and invalid, the affected bet will not be processed.

Not only does this pave the way for regular gamblers to be treated fairly during their betting excursions, their activities can also be safeguarded against malevolent or pilfering forces still quite common to the World Wide Web. Acquiring the crypto-currency required to place bets with EtherSpin is not hard either.